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rubber diaphragm seal
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rubber diaphragm seal

Color: natural,black
Size:DN10 TO DN500mm
Materials:Silicone,EPDM, Butyl,Viton/FKM,Neoprene/Chloroprene,TPE,Teflon/PTFE
Min. Order Qty.: 20000PCS
  • CFD-RDS-000

Diaphragms are flexible barriers that are commonly used to provide a seal and to isolate an enclosure between a moving and stationary part. One example of an application where a diaphragm is used is with a piston working within a cylinder.

Static Diaphragms separate two fluids with little motion or pressure.

Dynamic Diaphragms form a seal between stationary and moving parts,and transmit pressure.

Common Uses:

Diaphragms are used in many different applications, including:

Regulators,Shock absorbers,Pumps,Air compressors,Pressure sensors,gas compressors,Actuators,Flow control valves,Measuring gauges and controls,Turbochargers,Switches,Accumulators


Item: Rubber Diaphragm seal

Model Number: CFD-RDS-000

Function: Seal for Automotive,Machine,Valve,Electrical Appliances, etc.

Material: NR,NBR,HNBR,EPDM,Silicone,ACM,AEM,FKM,FVMQ, etc.

Color: Black (recommended),but other color available

Hardness: 20~90 Shore A

Certificates: on request

Size: DN10 to DN2000mm, all other sizes will per customer demands

Processing: compression molding

Properties(Optional and Multiple): Oil Resistance,Chemical Resistance,Steam Resistance,Aging Resistance,Heat Resistance, Cold Resistance,Fire Resistance,Environment Protective,Strong Resilience,Abrasion Resistance, etc.

CFDPLAS produces diaphragm seals to fit any challenging shapes and configurations depending on the requirements of your application.

Type of Diaphragm Seals We Manufacture:

Valve Diaphragm,Rolling Diaphragm,Fabric Coated Diaphragm,Diaphragms Bonded to Metal Assembly,

Diaphragm Replacement for Pumps,Flat Diaphragm,Hollow Diaphragm,


Oil & Gas Diaphragm Seals,Pump & Valve Diaphragm,Aerospace Diaphragm,Diaphragm vacuum pump,

Air Compression Diaphragm,Actuator diaphragm,Air Regulator Pump Diaphragms,Loud Speak Diaphragms.


CFDPLAS uses special tooling to develop fabric reinforced diaphragms according to customer specifications from a wide range of materials and different types of fabrics,including drinking water certified compounds.We support the development process from concept to prototype and mass production.

CFDPLAS’s fabric reinforced diaphragms meet the highest of military specifications, FDA, NSF61, and other standards.

Small minimum order quantities (MOQ) can be processed for in-stock customer designed fabric reinforced diaphragms. CFDPLAS uses an advanced stock management system for all customer designed products.


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