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20 Liters 5 gallon collapsible LDPE cubitainer
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20 Liters 5 gallon collapsible LDPE cubitainer

Color: Natural
Neck Spout: 32mm,55mm,108mm
Capacity: 20 Ltrs, 5 gallon
Materials: LDPE
M.O.Q. : 2000PCS
  • CFD-CUB0020
  • 39231000

20 Liters 5 gallon collapsible LDPE cubitainer 

Model: CFD-CUB0020

20 Liters LDPE Cubitainers are made from low-density flexible polyethylene(LDPE),

cube-shaped inserts inside a heavy-duty corrugated outer carton.

These inner LDPE flexible cubitainers nest uniformly when empty and expand readily when filled with liquid.

Easy to ship,handle and pour.

Designed to collapse as product is dispensed.

The non-glug design assures product flow in a continuous,uninterrupted stream.

A reversible well design permits opening to be raised or depressed for pouring and storage.

Cubitainers include 38-mm caps with injection-molded threads.


Product Features:


Model No.: CFD-CUB0020

Material: Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) 

Dimensions: 285mm×285mm×285mm

Capacity (Liters/gallon): 20 Litres,5 Gallon 

CHNTAINER® cubitainer are the preferred container when background particle count matters. 

Lesser containers can affect readings of instruments or even a patient's diagnosis,but our clients rest assured knowing that CFD delivers consistently high performance containers.

Our resin is carefully sourced and manufactured entirely in-house for total quality control in a clean environment. 

Our clients conduct independent background count tests for each lot of CHNTAINER® cubitainer, which is why we are often referred to as the 'gold standard' for resin cleanliness.


CHNTAINER® cubitainer are stocked in 1,2,4,5,10,15,16,18,20 liter sizes and are easily customizable to meet your space requirements easily and efficiently.

CHNTAINER® cubitainer Key Advantages

Superior Resin

Advanced packaging cleanliness

Completely manufactured in-house for total quality control

Expertise in the medical and pharmaceutical industries in a variety of applications

Highly customizable

Maximizes storage space

Rugged, yet flexible standalone container

Easy to handle

Ship and store huge space savings

BPA free


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Application of the CHNTAINER® cubitainers:

Pharmaceutical products

(clinical diagnostic reagents,lysing solutions,detergents solutions,hematology reagents,isotonic diluents,calibration buffers,other medical IVD reagents etc.),

veterinary products(serum,gel,etc.),

chemical(ink,liquid fertilizer,urea solution,coatings,paints,adhesives),

cleaning products (Detergent,bleach, etc).

The Collapsible plastic cubitainers is a practical,safe and economical method of carrying and storing potable water,sake,mirin,plug wine,cooking wine,rice wine,liquid sauces,condiment,edible oils,liquid sugar,millet wine,

Soy sauce,foodstuff additives,Vinegar,rice flavoured spirit vinegar,and other liquid foods.

the brands are Lee Kum Kee Premium Dark Soy Sauce,Kikkoman Soy Sauce,

Pearl River Bridge Superior Light Soy Sauce,Kikkoman Light Soy Sauce,

Lee Kum Kee Hoisin Sauce,Yamasa, Sauce Soy Low Salt,Kikkoman Maroyaka Soy Sauce,

Wan Ja Shan Soy Sauce,San-J Tamari Gluten Free Soy Sauce,Bluegrass Soy Sauce,

Kishibori Shoyu Soy Sauce,.. and so on.


Used on hematology analyzer Brands:

like Sysmex,Abbott,Mindray,ABX,Bayer,Beckman Coulter,

Siemens,Nihon Kohden,Roche,Horiba,Becton,Boule,Olympus,Nova,Medonic,




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