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Narrow spout PFA Reagent Bottles
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Narrow spout PFA Reagent Bottles

  • CFD-BTL-80000


The CHNTAINER brand range of fluoropolymer (PFA and FEP) bottles are manufactured by a unique stretch blow molding process that provides several key benefits - enhancing both the functionality and the finish of the bottles. 

Compared with the traditional extrusion blow molding process used to manufacture all other PFA and FEP bottles, stretch blow molding gives a much smoother surface, resulting in more effective cleaning and reduced risk of carryover of trace metals. 

Stretch blow molding also enables much more accurate and precise molding of the bottle neck and thread - this gives a much more 

secure seal and eliminates leaks. In addition, a smooth inner neck shape and the absence of molding imperfections inside the bottle neck allow controllable, drip free pouring. Manufactured inside a clean room from only the highest purity grade PFA and FEP resins, CHNTAINER bottles are the cleanest, most advanced fluoropolymer bottles ever produced.

Shape and Design

Available in 50mL, 100mL, 250mL, 500mL, 1L sizes, in both PFA and FEP.

The wide mouthed 45 mm diameter neck accepts a GL45 threaded closure

Both PFA and FEP versions are highly transparent which makes them convenient to use. Only the highest purity grades (lowest trace metals content) of virgin PFA and FEP resin are used. The closure is molded from the same resin as the bottle, so only PFA (or FEP) comes into contact with the contents. 

For pharmaceutical and other compliant environments special applications,

Working Temperature Range

PFA Bottles: -328°F to 500°F (-200°C to 260°C)

FEP Bottles: -328°F to 392°F (-200°C to 200°C)

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