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4 inch DN100 Bunker Samplers CFD-FS-S-100F
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4 inch DN100 Bunker Samplers CFD-FS-S-100F

  • CFD-FS-S-100F


4 inch DN100 Bunker Samplers CFD-FS-S-100F Bunker Manifold Flange Size:

Pitch Centre Diameter(C) :190.5 mm

Internal Diameter (B) :115 mm

Outer Diameter (A) :228.6 mm

Diameter of through holes (D) :19 mm

Number of Flange Holes:8  

bunker sampler systems include fuel samplers,bunker samplers,drip samplers,continuous drip samplers and line samplers. 

We develop fuel oil drip bunker samplers to meet our customers' needs.

The most common and economic means of obtaining a representative sample is by using a drip type Bunker Sampler. In back to back tests performed by a major fuel testing laboratory over an extended period, samples obtained by drip samplers were identical to those from more expensive automatic fuel samplers.

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Samplers are manufactured in corrosion-resistant stainless steel and each sampler consists of a flange assembly with its accessories of bolts,nuts,two gaskets and plastic cubitainers. Installation is extremely simple within minutes using two specially fabricated long bolts, and they are widely used for fuel sampling on board of all vessels.

The sampler can be custom made of different materials in accordance with different standards.

Flange Size: DN80-DN350

Flange Standard : ANSI/BS/DIN/JIS...

Stainless Materials: SUS304

Each drip sampler contains: 

1.Stainless Steel Flange 

2.Purpose Built Probe With Baffle Plate 

3.Stainless Steel Valve 

4.Cubitainers Interface and Security Cap 

5.Stainless Steel Valve Locking Device 

6.5 pieces of seal Strip 

7.Customised Long Nuts and Bolts 

8.2 Pieces of Asbestos Free Gaskets 

9.1 piece of wooden box

Utilization of samplers:

A full range of bunker samplers,consumables,accessories and spare parts are available.Please contact on cfdplas@foxmail.com for more details.

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