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54mm Tamper Evident Cap with foil induction sealing liner
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54mm Tamper Evident Cap with foil induction sealing liner

Color:red,blue,black,other on request
Min. Order Qty.: 20000PCS per time
  • CFD-AS-TEC-002


54mm Tamper Evident Cap with foil induction disc seal liner used on 10L Hemodialysis Solution plastic drums & Jerrycans.

The heat induction liner protects the sealed container from leakage and provides tamper evidence.

Also improves the shelf life due to the excellent barrier properties of the foil and its airtight seal onto the container.

Items: 54mm Tamper-evident colored screw cap with foil induction disc seal liner

Model Number: CFD- AS-TEC-002

Dimensions: 54mm

Inner Diameter: 50.0 mm

Outer Diameter: 54.0 mm

Cap Height(Skirt Length): Approx 25mm including tamper ring, Approx 4.5mm height of tamper evidence ring

Weight: 14.5g

Materials: PP(Polypropylene Caps with Heat Induction Liners)

M.O.Q.: 20000PCS, Minimum purchase requirements apply.

Quantity Per Box: 1000PCS

Gasket wadding options: induction disk seal liner,foamed EPE disc Liner,Pressure sensitive,foil and induction seal available,silicone rubber ring,EPDM sealing,PE inner plug, other on request.

Color Availability: red,black,yellow,pink,orange,blue,gray,green,white,natural,other colors on request.

Advantages and benefits of the tamper evident screw caps:

Safe closing,Tamper-proof,tamper-evidence ring attached or molded on,

Provide a reliable protection against leaks,Suitable for packaging of dangerous goods,

Provide excellent chemical stability.

Foil creates a barrier & seal is airtight

Use with HDPE containers only

Improves shelf life

Improves pack presentation & customer acceptance

Available with different sealing gasket disks,

Leakage proof design,beauty shape,good quality.,

Precision injected molded for leak-tight fit

Applications of the screw caps:

General purpose,compatible with almost any liquid.

Packaging for industrial chemical,sterilizers,liquid foods,bleaches,peroxides,fertilizers,pesticides,disinfectants,liquid soap,detergent,pure water.

Our tamper evident caps (tamper evident closures ) are good choice for plastic drums,plastic Jerry Cans,plastic barrels,and plastic bottles.

CFDPLAS type of tamper evident cap is an indispensable safety factor for the pharmaceutical and chemicals industries.

CFDPLAS supplies a range of temper evident caps with the ring located internally,externally or flush with the contour – there is always a suitable cap for your packaging.

We have many size of tamper evident caps used for 5L,10L,15L,18L,20L,40L,50L,60L,70L plastic containers,barrels and poly drums.

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Caps and Closures, through modular tooling have been able to accommodate their needs with inexpensive solutions.

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