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3/4 inch 20mm EPDM gasket for metal drum bung plug
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3/4 inch 20mm EPDM gasket for metal drum bung plug

Size: 20mm,3/4 inch
Min. Order Qty.: 50000PCS
  • CFD-AS-GKS-1002


Selecting the right 3/4 inch drum plug gasket is important to maintain the product integrity of your drum and to keep everything leak tight. CFDPLAS offers a full line of gaskets in a variety of material and sizes for plastic & metal drum bungs sealing.

Drum Bungs Plugs Gaskets come in 3/4" NPS sizes. "NPS" is the thread type and it stands for "National Pipe Straight". They are straight with a 60° included angle.


Ethylene-Propylene (EPDM) gaskets: 

The newest generation of gasket rubber that has become quite so common due to its extreme versatility in applications. Best for when storing drums in either hot or cold environments or if working with hydraulic fluids that are corrosive and dangerous when exposed to human skin.

Ethylene-propylene (EPM/EPDM)

Working Temperature Range : -45°C to +120°C

EPDM has good resistance to ozone ageing and weathering,water and steam,Dilute acid,alkalies ketones,alcohol,fire retardent hydraulic fluids and hydraulic brakes fluids, this elastomer must not come in contact with mineral oils and greases.

Chemical properties

They display resistance to aliphatic phosphate-ester hydraulic fluids,acids,alkalis,salt solutions,alcohols,glycols and silicone oils.Often used with steam raising plant. They must not be used with mineral oils or di-ester based lubricants.

Drum plug rubber gasket ring 2" and 3/4" For Steel Drum Bungs / Plugs

CFDPLAS as an Manufacturer and worldwide exporter of drum plug rubber gasket ring of 2" and 3/4" size for use on 50mm and 20mm round drum plugs (bungs) on steel drums. 


Materials: Made from prime quality Nitrile NBR Buna,EPDM,Viton,Polyurethene,Polyethylene,TPE,PVC and any rubber compound as required.

Drum Bung epdm eeRubber Gasket Ring 3/4" Drum Bung Ring

Model Code: AS-GKS-1002   For 3/4" (20mm) plug

For use on round steel drum plugs / bungs.

For use on plastic & Metal Drum Plugs Bungs for 210 litre / 55 gallon Drums :

-- 3/4" (20mm) plug

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