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PFA Block Digestion Tube 50ml
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PFA Block Digestion Tube 50ml

Color: natural
Size: 50ml
Material: High Grade of Pure PFA
Min. Order Qty.: more than 500 pcs per time
  • CFD-BDT-001

CFDPLAS’s PFA block digestion tubes are the cleanest and highest performing block digestion tubes available.

Molded from only the highest purity grades of PFA, they are cleaner than any polypropylene or PTFE digestion tube, giving a lower trace metal background – important for digestions that are to be analyzed by ICP-MS.

PFA is the ultimate choice of material for block digestion tubes because it has a high working temperature range and is inert to all strong mineral acids (including HF), inorganic bases, inorganic oxidizing agents, salt solutions and organics.

Design Features

CFDPLAS PFA block digestion tubes are thin walled and translucent-making them much more convenient for use than PTFE tubes, which are white and opaque.

The translucency of CFDPLAS tubes approaches that of traditional polypropylene tubes,making it easy to see the liquid level inside and also check for undissolved solids in the bottom of the tube.

The flat base and thin side walls offer excellent heat conductivity for fast, even heating, and the tubes fit into any standard block digestion system that accepts 50mL (nominal) tubes.


The working temperature range of PFA is -200℃ to 260℃, which allows the tubes to be used for high temperature block digestion methods. A Scribed graduation mark (ring) at 50mL is accurate to Class A specifications, and a molded collar below the thread allows the tubes to be lifted out of the digestion block using racks typically supplied by block manufacturers. CFDPLAS tubes are cleaner than PTFE tubes with respect to trace metals, because they are injection molded from the highest purity grades of PFA resin. In contrast, PTFE tubes are not molded, but manufactured from lower purity PTFE by machining, which can add metal contamination. The smoother, injection molded surface finish of the CFDPLAS PFA tubes also makes them easier to clean after each use.


Tube Body Diameter:29.5 mm

Collar Diameter:34.0 mm

Height (no closure):127.1 mm

Height to Graduation Line:104.0 mm

Capacity (to the brim):61mL

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