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Polyethylene Pail Liner for metal pail
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Polyethylene Pail Liner for metal pail

Color: natrual color,
Material: LDPE/HDPE/PP
Min. Order Qty. : More than 10000PCS per time
  • CFD-PL-401000


These Polyethylene Pail Liner and drum inserts are vacuum formed and are constructed without any seams.

They help to extend the life of outer metal containers and allow for a cleaner environment when processing any product.


Disposing of materials is also easier.

Used mostly for storing paints,inks,coatings,food and cosmetic products.

Also available with accordion pleats for height adjustment.

Perfect for batch mixing

Keeps plastic and steel pails clean and reusable

Seamless vacuum-formed liners

Fit neatly into all standard 5-gallon pails

Contoured lip snaps over top rim of pail to prevent slippage

Plastic Pail Liners : Tapered to fit standard plastic pails

Steel Pail Liners: tapered-sided to fit on standard steel pails

Cradle Liner: Permits shipping two-part products in one pail(1 gallon),High density Polyethylene cradle liner can holds a one-gallon can

Choice of the FDA-Compliant materials: 

Low-Density Polyethylene: For general purpose

High-Density Polyethylene :

Rigid construction for easier insertion into the pail

Rigid construction for resistance to inks, paints, and adhesives

Polypropylene Liner : Rigid construction and high temperature resistance for hot-filling

Note - These liners are for non-UN rated shipping only 

Perfect for mixing,pumping and storing nearly any liquid,powder or paste,such as inks,chemicals,adhesives,greases, paints,coatings,silicones and food,meets FDA standards.

Seamless,vacuum formed inserts have a contoured lip that snaps over a pail’s top bead to prevent leakage between the insert and the pail wall. 

Plastic and steel pail liners are ideal for mixing,pumping,storing and shipping many liquids,powders and pastes.

The plastic pail liners are available in 2,3.5 and 5 gallon sizes.

Steel pail liners are available in 2.5, 3.5, 5, 6 and 12 gallon sizes.(10L,15L,20L,25L,50L)

The seamless,vacuum-formed pail liners have a contoured lip that snaps over a pail's top bead to prevent leakage between the pail liner and the pail wall.

After use,simply lift out the pail liner – the pail is clean and ready for reuse!

All pail liners are manufactured using FDA approved materials.

Typical Pail Liner Markets

Chemical (adhesives, automotive, coatings, detergent, greases, ink, lubricants, paint, sealants, soap)

Cosmetic (conditioner, cream, liquid makeup, lotion, shampoo); 

Food & Beverage (dairy, flavoring, fats, oils, spices); Pharmaceutical; Powder

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If you our looking for a low cost and efficient way to keep pails clean and reusable, check out FENGDI plastic pail liners! We have both High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Pail Liners available.

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