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Blow Molding

Blow molding technology provides extra performance in maintaining package integrity and durability.
Single-wall parts that are molded in one piece can be produced with CFDPLAS’s unique large-part light-weight extrusion process, in the 30 to 55 gallon range.  
Since wall thickness and lip design can be carefully controlled, we regularly produce designs that meet demanding DOT and UN standards.  
With this technology components are typically cylindrical,but square or rectangular shapes can be made.
CFDPLAS blow-molds performance containers in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and with a variety of closure options. The CHNTAINER brands are well-known in the chemical,medical and food markets,where CFDPLAS also offers an extensive range of custom products.
While most other blow molders focus on high volume through-put, CFDPLAS concentrates its capabilities on the performance of the container, where the end-user applications often call for complex shapes, robust design, and multiple performance criteria.

Type of Products:
cubitainers,collapsible water containers,hematology reagent bottles,biochemistry reagent bottles,IVD reagent bottles,laboratory reagent bottles,sampling bottles,drum liners,pail liners,plastic Jerry Cans,plastic drums,tight head plastic drums,level locking ring plastic drums,steel-plastic composite HDPE barrel liners,

Heat Sealing & Bag-Making

Heat-sealing for Round Bottom Drums & pails liners,cheertainer,Welded Fitment Bags.
Heat sealing technology is used to produce flat seam and round bottom liners, such as our CHNTAINER round bottom liners bags series.
CFDPLAS’s proprietary impulse heat seal equipment enables us to seal polyethylene products, as well as difficult to seal specialty films, including:
Metallized polyester and foil laminates for moisture protection
Conductive laminates and anti-static films for volatile materials
Nylon and co-extruded films for chemical resistance
Polypropylene for high-temperature requirements
Low-density polyethylene for general use
Bag-making for Bag-In-Box,chntainer(Cube-bag) & IBC Liner,form-fit liners(FIBC liners)
CFDPLAS uses special heat-sealing and bag-making equipment that closely monitors the heat, time and pressure of every seal on every liner. In the event that one of the processing parameters should fall out of the specified range,the equipment automatically shuts down; stopping all possibilities of a faulty seal being created.
In addition to utilizing the most sophisticated technology in the industry,CFDPLAS also takes great pride in its trained work force. CFDPLAS uses the best films available for the customer’s applications.
Type of Products:
round bottom pail liners,round bottom drum liners,pallet covers,square bottom box liners,form-fit liners,FIBC liners,pillow type of Bag-In-Box,chntainer(cubebag),IBC Liners,spouted reagent bags,drum fitment bags(bag-in-drum),pail fitment bags

Injection Molding

Most of CFDPLAS’s packaging products feature injection-molded components. 
With pressures ranging from 25 through 800 tons,we molded our own closure systems(screw caps & drum bungs),Taps,Faucets and seals,Gaskets for Cubitainers,cheertainers,cubebag,Bag-In-Box,Jerricans,Drums.
Additionally we molded Locking Ring Drum caps,dust covers, and swing handles for CHNTAINER tight-head Drums. 
Because CFDPLAS’s injection molding is in-house,we are able to save cost,increase efficiency,reduce lead times, and ensure 100% compatibility for all our component parts.
Type of Products:
plastic closures for drums and Jerry cans,locking ring drum covers,plastic taps,plastic pumps,plastic security seals,tube fittings,irrigation swing joints,irrigation quick coupling valves,service saddles,valve boxes,storage tool box,protective caps & plugs,Manhole covers,FIBC’S B-locks,Camp-Lock Fittings,Drain Grates

Vacuum Formed Thermoforming

CFDPLAS invented numerous processes to create liners for pails,drums,and other open-top vessels.
Unique “Deep-Draw” vacuum thermoforming results in seamless parts with up to a 2:1 height to diameter ratio. 
Multiple forming methods result in greater flexibility in finished part dimensions,shape,and thickness distribution.
Thermoforming or vacuum-forming, produces strong,semi-flexible,seamless (leak-proof) inserts in a range of thicknesses designed to withstand the rigors of our customers’ most demanding applications.
CFDPLAS’s expertise in deep-draw thermoforming allows us to produce parts up to an unprecedented 40″ deep in a variety of shapes. We use a variety of mold designs that produce cylindrical, tapered or rectangular-shaped products.
CFDPLAS thermoforms FDA-approved LDPE and HDPE for routine applications, but we also work with:
Polypropylene for high temperature resistance
Anti-static polyethylene for use with volatile materials
EVOH for oxygen resistance
Other materials upon request
CFDPLAS employs a full range of thermoforming technologies,including rotary,in-line and shuttle systems. 
We work closely with our customers to choose the technology that best fulfills their needs.
Type of Products:
steel pail liners,plastic pail liners,drum liners,Paint Roller trays, food trays,pressure pot tank liners,cup liners,vessel liners,bucket liners,drum covers,machine parts,

Compression Molding for Rubber products

This method of fabrication is designed for creating product in cavities by placing preform rubber into a heated mold. 
A pre-measured amount of material (e.g., granules, powders, or pellets) is deposited into the open heated cavity. A heated plunger closes the cavity and applies pressure, usually 15,000 to 20,000 psi. As the material melts, it is driven into all parts of the cavity. The heat and pressure is maintained until the material has cured. Then the cavity is opened and the part is removed. There can be various heating system and multiple cavities employed.
It is a relatively low-cost method to produce curved or intricate parts. 
It consists of two plates to form the cavity. 
This, in turn, uses a press to force the raw material to melt into the form of the respective mold cavity.
Some benefits to using a compression molding process are as follows:
1. Economical method for short or start-up production runs.
2. Low to medium production rates.
3. Suitable for mass production.
4. Can accommodate small parts as well as larger or more complex shapes.
5. Short set-up time.
6. Low waste, providing that the mold cavity is correct.
Type of Products:
Gaskets, seals, o-rings, cushioning pads, automotive parts, such as hoods and fenders.
Professional manufacturer and trader of Bag-In-Box,bag-making, injection-molding, vacuum-formed thermoforming, and blow-molding,plastic & rubber products in China.



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