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1.Cubitainer used on hematology analyzer reagent packaging for analysis.

Cubitainer used on hematology analyzer reagent packaging for analysis.
Hematology reagent Cubitainer package is a light weight flexible pouch made of LDPE contained in a fully printed corrugated case. The high-quality, injection-moulded neck is very reliable as a leak proof seal. 
Collapsible LDPE cubitainers are particle free and stable solutions and hematology reagents with extended durability.
Hematology reagent Cubitainers Utilization as follows:
Pharmaceutical products (clinical diagnostics reagents,lysing reagents,detergents,hematology reagents,diluents,buffers,other clinical chemistry reagents etc.),veterinary products(serum,gels,etc.),chemicals(inks,liquid fertilizers,urea solutions,coatings,paints,adhesives),cleaning products (Detergent,bleach, etc).
Used on hematology analyzer: like Sysmex,Abbott,Mindray,ABX,Bayer,Beckman Coulter,Siemens,Nihon Kohden,Roche,

2. Cubitainers 10L used on AdBlue solution packaging

AdBlue-Diesel Exhaust Fluid (AdBlue) flexible packaging cubitainer
What is AdBlue?
Diesel engines are now required to meet tough NOx standards to help control air pollution. The preferred method involves injecting a high purity fluid called Diesel Exhaust Fluid (AdBlue) into the exhaust system.
AdBlue is used by modern diesel engines which use Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to control NOx emissions. SCR is the leading technology in emission regulations. It has been successfully used in Europe for several years and can now be seen as standard on the following – VW,BMW,Mecedes Benz,Opel,Ford,Toyota and Peugeot.
How does an SCR System Work?
The purpose of the SCR system is to reduce levels of Nox that are harmful to our health and our environment. The AdBlue is injected as a fine mist into the exhaust stream where a chemical reaction takes place in the presence of a catalytic converter to convert the nitrogen oxides to inert nitrogen gas.
AdBlue is a high purity operating fluid, used in the emissions removal systems of diesel engined vehicles and equipment. Chemically speaking AdBlue is a 32.5% solution of Urea in purifed water. The AdBlue is stored in a tank on the vehicle and from there dosed automatically by the ECU directly into the exhaust gas at a rate in relation to the amount of Nitrous Oxides (NOx) being produced by the engine. Following mixing, the AdBlue and exhaust gas mixture passes into a catalyst system where a chemical reaction takes place converting the NOx to harmless Nitrogen and Water, which are then expelled from the end of the exhaust. During the reaction the AdBlue is consumed and needs to be replaced by refilling the tank periodically. AdBlue consumption is related to engine load, engine size, travelling terrain and temperature.
Adblue High-Grade Urea Solution Packaging cubitainer: 20-liter and 10-liter bag-in-box (BIB)
Related AdBlue packaging products:adblue container spout,adblue nozzles,flexible discharge nozzle for containers,cap adaptor,urea bag,bag in box Chntainer 5L (1.25 gal),10L (2.5 gal) and 20L (5 gal), 22L(5.5 gal), 25L(6.25 gal).
Cubitainer used on bunker fuel sampling systems 5L

3. Cubitainer used on bunker fuel sampling systems 5L

The Bunker fuel Sample System contains a supply of necessary consumables and accessories for bunker sampling, including fuel oil sampling cubitainers and fuel oil sample bottles.
Model Number:CFD-SBC-105     
Color:Clear nartural               
Volume(Capacity): 5Liters 
Material: LDPE                
Spout Inner Diameter: 32mm          
Case Pack: 100 PCS
Dimensions: 175mm×175 mm×175 mm            
Screw Threads: 38mm BSPT threads
Important Notices
All our items we sell have never been used, however, order in full case quantities to avoid dust, dirt and scuffs
We provides a wide variety of sampling bottles from 100 ml up to 5 liters. 
We also provide special customized bottles and bottle adapters,caps,seals,labels for your sampling system,or other type containers depending on your requirements. 
Supplied in 5 litre size cubitainer pack.
Packs of 100pcs, with caps, pour cartons and pour spouts.
Suitable for VPS samplers by using the convertor bobbin.
Available ex-stock
Suitable for DNVPS samplers by using the converter bobbin.    
 Plastic bottle used on biochemistry analyzer reagent packaging

4.Plastic bottle used on biochemistry analyzer reagent packaging

Biochemistry reagent HDPE bottles provide secure storage and transport of liquids and powders.
All of HDPE reagent bottles are supplied with a polypropylene,tamper-evident,screw cap,but other closure styles are also available.
Narrow and wide-neck bottles are offered in natural,for easy visualization of contents,or opaque white,for light sensitive materials.
we supply various HDPE biochemistry reagent bottles which could suit for various biochemistry analyzers reagent packaging,For biochemical analyzers cleaning solution package bottles:
Hitachi/Roche: 7600,7180,7170,7150,7080,7060,7150,7120,modular
Olympus: AU560,AU800,AU400,AU640,AU2700,AU5400;
Abbott: C8000,Aeroset,Ci8000,Ci16000;
Beckman Coulter Synchron: CX series,LX20,DXC600,DXC800
Sysmex: Chemix-180,chemix-800;
Medonic MD: 1600,1800,2400,4000,6000,8000
Shimadzu: CL7200,CL7300,CL8000;
Bayer: 1200,1650,1800,2400
Related other type of biochemistry reagent bottles:Hitachi biochemistry reagent bottles,Olympus biochemistry reagent bottles,mindray biochemistry reagent bottles,Siemens biochemistry reagent bottles,Nihon-Kohden biochemistry reagent bottles,Roche biochemistry reagent bottles,Beckman-coulter biochemistry reagent bottles,sysmex biochemistry reagent bottles,Bayer biochemistry reagent bottles,Abbott biochemistry reagent bottles,Erba Diagnostic reagent bottles,Toshiba biochemistry reagent bottles,Baker biochemistry reagent bottles,URIT biochemistry reagent bottles,Dupont biochemistry reagent bottles,Biosystems biochemistry reagent bottles,Konelab biochemistry reagent bottles,Tokyo biochemistry reagent bottles,Neusoft biochemistry reagent bottles,Metolab biochemistry reagent bottles,Sinnowa biochemistry reagent bottles,Erba biochemistry reagent bottles,Full biochemistry reagent bottles,DiRui biochemistry reagent bottles,BT biochemistry reagent bottles,Tecom biochemistry reagent bottles,Medsoul biochemistry reagent bottles,Cobio biochemistry reagent bottles,Diasys biochemistry reagent bottles,Human biochemistry reagent bottles,..
Bio-chemistry reagents bottle for various Bio-chemistry analyzers as follows Brand analyzers: Abbott,Baker,Toshiba,Dupont,Erba,Hitachi,Beckman,ATAC,Roche,Olympus,Coulter,Sysmex,Swelab,Medonic,Orphee,Danam,Mindray,Urit,Tecom,Biotech,Diatron,Beckman-coulter,Nihon Kohden,Shimadzu Maxcom,Landwind,Sinnowa.....etc.
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