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Pre-Formed Round Bottom Drum Liner
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Pre-Formed Round Bottom Drum Liner

Color : Natural color
Materials: LDPE,Barrier foil film,Muti-layer films
Min. Order Qty.: More Than 500PCS per time
  • CFD-RDL-402000

CHNTAINER® Heat-sealed Liner, Prform-fit round bottom drum liners provide an economic solution for protecting your products. 

Pre-formed round bottom liners are ideal for use with viscous liquid,powder and particulate materials.

These liners are designed for easy installation and can be simply twisted and tied off to protect contents.

Special models are intended for use with solvents, flammable powders,hot liquids,oxygen-sensitive or hygroscopic materials or aggressive chemicals.

Typical Pre-Formed Round Bottom Drum Liner Markets: 

Chemical (adhesives,chemicals,coatings,detergents,inks,paints,sealants)

Cosmetic (cleanser,liquid makeup,lotion,mascara,powder)

Food (caramel,chocolate,fruit,dairy)


Round Bottom Drum Liner Key Benefits:

Pre-formed round bottom liners ensure the absolute purity of your product.

The round bottom shape allows maximum recovery of your valuable product,as it minimizes wrinkles and folds.

Round bottom liners reduce drum cleaning and reconditioning costs.

Environment-friendly packaging,helps users to reach sustainability goals.

Pre-formed Drum Liner Multiple Sizes: 
Pre-Formed Round bottom liners are available in 12,16,30,55 and 85 gallon sizes.(48L,64L,120L,220L,340L)


100 – 1200 mm


100 – 3000 mm


0.030 – 0.300 mm

Further sizes on request.

Multiple Film Choices: 
All liners are made by Feng Di Plastic Technology in China from Approved films.

Material Application Type

Possible Variations

Heat Resistance


food approved
anti-static agent

80°C - 90°C


anti-static agent

up to 120°C


food approved

125°C - 140°C

Aluminium laminated film

Barrier foil against water vapor transmission
Barrier foil against humidity

80°C - 160°C

Multi-layer film

aroma protection
chemical resistance
conditionally permanent against water vapor transmission and humidity

80°C - 125°C

Low-density polyethylene(LDPE) is intended for general use and provide superb tensile strength and elongation, as well as high resistance to tears and flex cracking. Low-density polyethylene is designed for applications up to 175°F.

Polypropylene is designed for hot-fill applications up to 300°F.

Anti-static contains an internal anti-stat agent to aid in the reduction of static build-up, thus reducing dry chemical static cling and chance of ignition of flammable materials.

High-barrier foil provides a high oxygen and water vapor barrier and is constructed of sides made from a lamination of polypropylene-aluminum foil-polyethylene and a bottom made from a polyethylene-foil-polyester lamination.

Multilayer-liner is manufactured from a multilayer co-extruded film that uses nylon as the barrier core to withstand many chemicals,paints and solvents that normally break down standard liners or inserts.

Custom Designs
FENGDI PLASTIC TECHNOLOGY will always consider custom designs.

Prior to use, the user shall independently determine the suitability of the products for the user's intended use and user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith.

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