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Coulter Diluent Solution Packaging Bottle 2L
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Coulter Diluent Solution Packaging Bottle 2L

Bottle color: Natural color
Size:2 Litres
Min. Order Qty. : 2000 PCS
  • CFD-BTL-105

Beckman-Coulter hematology reagent bottle 2 Litres are made of HDPE with white PP screw cap.

Item: Coulter Diluent Bottle

Type: square bottom,Rectangular cube bottle

Bottle Materials:body is HDPE(High-density polyethylene)

Color: Natural color

Dimension: 102mmX102mmX234mm(H)

Capacity: 2L,2000ml,2 quart

Neck Size:38mm threads

Cap Size:38mm,white,ribbed screw cap

Cap Materials: PP (Polypropylene)

Gasket: PE foamed seal liner

Unit Weight: 135 g/PC

Packing: 50PCS/Case;

M.O.Q.: More than 2000PCS per time

FengDi Plastic Technology supply special reagent bottles which could suit for Beckman-Coulter clinical laboratory anlayzers: Beckman-Coulter automated and semi-automated chemistry analyzers,Beckman-Coulter automated and semi-automated hematology analyzers, Beckman-Coulter Urine analyzers.

For Beckman-Coulter clinical analyzer reagent bottles volume: 500ml and 1000ml,2000ml,

Used on Beckman-Coulter Chemistry Analyzers: GEN-S, STKS, MAXM, HmX, AcT 5diff, AcT 5diff AL, AcT diff 2, T, JT, MD, ONYX.

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