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CFDPLAS PFA Dissolved Sample Tanks Sample Vials used for sample preparation or sample handling for trace metals analysis.
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CFDPLAS PFA Dissolved Sample Tanks Sample Vials used for sample preparation or sample handling for trace metals analysis.

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PFA Dissolved Sample Tanks Sample Vials used for sample preparation or sample handling for trace metals analysis

CFDPLAS PFA sample tanks and vials with threaded closures designed primarily for storage of samples.

Available with flat,conical and rounded inner style configurations.

Some tanks vials jars are molded with solid outside bottoms for use on hot plates.

CFDPLAS PFA vials have been the best choice for demanding trace metal applications,and are used in laboratories worldwide for sample preparation and storage. 

The flat bottom and high service temperature range makes them ideal for use directly on a hot plate.

Molded from high purity virgin PFA, they are chemically inert,with ultra low trace metal content.

Some specialty PFA vials are primarily used for sample preparation in geochemistry.


CFDPLAS PFA sample Tanks & Sample Vials and Sample Jars Features Properties

Excellent temperatures stability: PFA trace analysis labware maintains its stability in temperatures from -200°C to 250°C (-328°F to 482°F).

No leachable metals: PFA is manufactured without metals such as calcium,aluminum,iron,magnesium,nickel, copper,manganese or zinc. These metals can leach into samples from other containers,and contaminate samples.

Simplified cleaning: Conventional labware for trace analysis requires time-consuming and expensive cleaning. The hydrophobic and anti-adhesive properties of the exceptionally smooth-surfaced PFA labware simplify the cleaning process, making it ideal for trace analysis.

Superior chemical resistance: PFA is inert with most reagents,including the nitric and hydrochloric acid routinely used in cleaning trace analysis labware.This stability significantly reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Excellent long-term stability: PFA containers often extend the stability of low (ppb) concentration standards. Such stability reduces the time and cost of renewing trace analysis standard solutions.

Highly translucent: Translucency is important for making accurate measurements using volumetric labware.

CFDPLAS PFA Sample Tanks and Sample Vials are the gold standard in Geochemical sample digestion.

For over 10 years,CFDPLAS PFA Sample vials have been the choice of Geochemists worldwide for sample digestion and evaporation,and are referenced in literally hundreds of peer reviewed papers.

Molded from the highest purity grade of virgin PFA,they are chemically inert,with ultra low trace metal content,while the flat bottom and wide service temperature range makes them perfect for use with the all kind of hotplate.

CFDPLAS PFA Sample Tanks & Sample Vials and Sample Jars Volume Sizes:3ml,5ml,6ml,7ml,15ml,22ml,23ml,30ml,60ml,90ml,120ml,180ml.

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The demand for trace metals analysis at lower and lower levels continues to increase,driven by new regulations,fundamental research and also by industry.Analytical instrumentation,principally ICP-MS,continues to develop and improve,placing further demands on sample preparation,since trace metals data quality is only as good as the quality of the sample preparation step.

Cleaning After Each Use - PFA Vials for Sample Digestion in Geochemistry

The digestion of geological samples prior to isotopic analysis by TIMS or MC-ICP-MS is one of the most challenging ultra trace applications for PFA labware. Extreme cleaning procedures are necessary for the PFA vials used in the digestion step. Every lab has its own cleaning procedure and all are slightly different.


1. Place labware in autoclave with closure removed (this is important to avoid damage to the labware)

2. Autoclave at 121°C for 90 minutes and allow to cool

Note: Do not clean PFA labware with brushes or abrasives – these will cause scratches the surface which will then trap metals and organic contaminants and prevent effective cleaning.

Note: CFDPLAS PFA labware can be sterilized by all routine methods except Gamma Radiation and E-Beam.


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