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10 Liters 2.5 gallon Semi-Collapsible Jerry Cans
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10 Liters 2.5 gallon Semi-Collapsible Jerry Cans

  • CFD-CUB2010

Title: 10 Liters 2.5 gallon Semi-Collapsible Jerry Cans 

Category: cubitainers

Model: CFD-CUB2010

Keyword: Semi-collapsible Jerry cans,2.5 gallon cubitainer,10 litre LDPE water containers,



Model Number: CFD-CUB2010

Material: Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) 

Capacity (Liters/gallon): 10 Litres,2.5 Gallon 


suitable for drinking water, with built-in handle without sharp edges, wide enough for a male adult hand; Handle to be situated in the centre of the top of the standing jerry can.

Material used must be tested by recognized laboratory for potable water purposes,to withstand drop from minimum 2.5 metres containing maximum volume of water at 25 degrees cent.

Stand by itself, even when filled with less than ¼ of its maximum volume.

Operating temperture -20 Celsius to 50 Celsius.

Average thickness approximately 0.6 mm. Minimum corner thickness 0.5 mm, screwable cap fitted on jerry can(and linked to container by polyamide string with diameter of minimum 1 mm and approximately 120 mm length)

Inner diameter of cap approximately 35 mm. Weight approximately 190 – 230grams


Government and disaster relief agencies state(UNHCR,UNICEF,RED CROSS,ICRC,UN….) that one of the essential components of good emergency-preparedness kits is a container that will allow its owner to consume one gallon of clean water a day. Designed for both compact design and ruggedness,our collapsible jug has achieved a solid reputation as a preferred water container by government and private sector personnel whose focus is emergency-preparedness and or disaster relief.

Emergency Container for individual or family distribution.

Item 10 litre semi-collapsible jerry can

Capacity 10 Liter

Dimensions(mm) - 210 × 210 × 270 (filled)  - 210 × 210 × 80 (empty)

Opening Position Upward

Spout Inner Diameter 32mm

Cap Inner Diameter 35mm

Top Handle Molded

Material Food Grade LDPE Plastic

Average thickness approximately 0.6 mm. Minimum corner thickness 0.5 mm

Operating temperature -20°C to +50°C  

Unit Weight Weight approximately 190 – 230 grams

Package  Volume 50 PCS / Carton

Carton  Dimensions 67 x 39 x 44 cm

Net Weight 10 KGS

Gross Weight 12 KGS

20" ft - No Pallet 10,800 PCS / 216 CTNS


1) water cans can be filled drink water.

2) water cans could stand by itself, even when filled with less than 1/4 of its maximum volume.

3) - Embossed on minimum one side “UNHCR” and “UNHCR Logo” with maximum visibility.

4) Fitted with: with a built-in carrying handle with minimum 9 cm long and 3 cm high, with no sharp edges and a screwable cap for filling and discharge that is linked to the container by polyamide string with diameter of min 1mm and approximately and 120 mm length.

5) could pass 2.5m drop test.

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